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I'm really impressed with Little Buds. As a teacher, I'm thrilled to see this great mix of education and academics combined together with character values which are key in raising up confident, compassionate children. As a mom, I love that Little Buds is exciting for my children and holds their interest. My four year old keeps asking to hear the great songs again! Thanks Little Buds!
-Stacy M.

Thank you Little Buds for creating a QUALITY faith-based product that my kids can enjoy and I can feel great about giving to friends with preschoolers. We love having these new songs for our family to enjoy which reinforce the messages we want our kids to hear. Thanks for including "kid-style" hymns from our generation! What a great product!
-Amy O.

Little Buds ABC's provides a comprehensive method of teaching children cognitive skills while guiding them in their choice of behaviors and attitudes. With Little Buds ABC's, character education is infused through the very basis of language development-learning the alphabet. Children feel special, unique, and loved as they develop an academic foundation in an uplifting, developmentally-appropriate format. No child should be left behind in either academics or character development. Little Buds ABC's provides a way to combine both areas simultaneously and prepares children to look ahead with confidence.
-Dennie L., Primary School Counselor

I love Little Buds because my son really enjoys seeing the real-world images shown throughout the DVD. It's a great opportunity for us to see those things during our daily routine, which then provides some great father/son interactive time. He's really learning and responding to Little Buds! What a great thing to see!
-Kristofer S.

I love Little Buds. In a family where both parents work, it is important to make quality time with your children. That's what you get when you watch the Little Buds DVD. It allows you an opportunity to laugh and play with your kids while enjoying the colorful scenery, live action, and puppets. The songs are so catchy that even as a parent you find yourself singing along. I will purchase this DVD for my friends and family so they too can enjoy the same educational, faith-based, quality family-time.
-Tina B.

I am so excited about Little Buds! Finally, a quality production that combines both educational elements with foundations of our faith. I haven't found anything else in the market like this. And the music is "Super Fun!" Your kids will absolutely love it!
-Wendy S.


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